Friday, October 15, 2021

October Au Revoir (Again)

 It's nearly time to say farewell again to western New York.  Another road trip south with sister-in-law beckons. Thanks to You Know What we couldn't do it last year but fingers crossed and DV things are looking better....

The colours have been subdued this autumn. Some say it's been too warm, some too wet. (The woolly bear - someone else trying to cross the lane -

is supposed to predict the winter weather. Unfortunately I don't know how.)

The leaves have their own idiosyncracies. (I note the spellchecker is protesting. Americans must spell it with an "s") But somehow this year I've appreciated the scenery more than ever before. Like when we came upon this backwater of the Allegheny River.

So serene and worthy of a Monet and with the big bonus of having no alligators. (Yet). Even old oil installations have a certain charm when the goldenrod grows up around them.

And as for the forests

Well that's where my heart is.

Until deer season starts.

Our apple crop was a little meagre this year.

But since we largely leave the trees to fend for themselves, we can't expect too much. 
I never get tired of the mist rising up over the lane. I heard someone complain that we're in foggy valley (in contrast to Foggy Bottom) and driving into town in the mornings with kamikaze deer and drivers with no lights is a big gamble but lovely it certainly is.

And you never know what will surprise you next.

But then Golden Beach (not to mention road trips) can be full of surprises too. Watch this space! 

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