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  1. Thanks Alenka, It was a pleasure reading about the Bison. They really are majestic aren't they!
    Susan B

  2. Alenka, I love your blog! Particularly the segment on Christmas lights in Venice.
    Your Golden Beach Neighbor

  3. Hi
    with reference to your column in the Catholic Times of 10th March.you may congratulate husband for being right once. Potage Crecy or to do it justice Creme Crecy was indeed made to celebrate the battle of Crecy 1346. the colour was supposed to reflect the blood that was spilt, could'nt exactly do red could they and it is supposed to be garnished with little round pieces of cooked carrot to represent the cannon balls fired. These are cut using a very small printanier spoon. I actually remember that from my days at Hollings College Manchester in Great Britain.
    All the best
    Bob Quick
    P.S. little plug as well go to www.theholymass.co.uk

    1. Hi Robert,
      Loved your comment! Strictly speaking comments should be about the blog and not relating to other publications but hey, I enjoyed it! A

  4. Hi Alenka,
    I am new to your blog! I perused through it for the first time yesterday and enjoyed reading trivia of the different places you've been. Great pictures, too! I will check in from time to time to see what's new. Enjoy your travels!