Saturday, August 11, 2018

Caught in the Act

 Last wednesday we returned in the evening to find this intruder neck deep in the garden phlox and brazenly munching.  And what's more,  the four-legged fiend had the audacity to leave some leftovers on the ground.

 And this evening we looked out and saw another deer sauntering up to the flowerbed for another tasty snack. We are powerless. Totally powerless. I take back any kind things I might have said in the previous post.

Monday, August 6, 2018

The Deer Old Lane

I set out for my first summer morning hike up the lane, wondering if anything had changed. As always at the back of my mind I was hoping to spot white tail deer. Such a nuisance in the garden (this summer's casualties include the buds of a whole bed of garden phlox) but so pretty when you catch them unawares - or vice versa - in the early morning mist. But the first  morning there was nothing. A rabbit dashing across the road - a white tail but not the one I was looking for. A neighbouring cat sunning himself in a drive. He used to come and greet me but not this time.  A distant honking of geese on the pond - surely not time for them to fly south yet?
Here was my friend of old, looking a little awry..

But none of the real thing, save a tantalising deer cough echoing from somewhere deep in the forest. The next day was better. See - there on the verge to the left, just beyond the mailbox?

 Of course I never have my camera when I see them, only the phone. And if I ever do get to see a bear, you can be sure I won't have anything at all.  This deer was soon off, cantering across the road.

 The next day I saw more of them - a swish of white tails in the undergrowth, those wonderful slow motion bounds, almost floating in mid-air.  I saw a turkey family too, the first for a long time. And the candy floss mist was covering the valley.

Since I've been away the Five Mile Baptist church has turned from white to grey - someone's good idea no doubt.  And our garden jungle is twice as overgrown as it ever was. But otherwise nothing much has changed.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Don't Go Away!

Dateline: Cattaraugus County, western New York state

The blog is back at base, renewing acquaintance with old friends and overgrown gardens.

Full service resumes next week. Watch this space!