Monday, June 18, 2018

Where Are the Flags?

Dateline: South-west London

I am disappointed. Here I am in London as the World Cup's starting and I haven't seen an England flag. Well just one, flying out of a solitary van window but that's it.  Nowhere between Putney and Marble Arch can a single patriot be found. Shame.

Not like it used to be when whole streets would be decked out and I'd point them out proudly to American hubby.  I used to joke how the US was indifferent to the World Cup but I remember driving over the border into Canada and every car on the QEW was flying the colours of its driver's ethnic origin. Is this some new fiendish political correctness? Or a wish not to jinx England's hopes? Or, heaven forbid, sheer apathy? Have I missed something? Well I for one (even though hubby has more actual English blood than I have) am not too proud to yell, "God for Harry, England and St George!"

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