Monday, June 28, 2021

Marina Surprise

 Our first day this summer at Buffalo Marina and what on earth was going on? 

Every boat that could float seemed to have put out into the harbour and dropped anchor. It made me think of what Dunkirk must have been like.  What was going on? Well apparently there was going to be an air show, the first time thy'd held one at the harbour around the corner. Tickets were 149 dollars - to park your car and sit next to it. That is if you could get a ticket. They were all sold out. But those people should be kicking themselves - forking out 149 dollars when you could get a perfectly good free view from the park by our marina. As it happened, quite a few people had worked that out.


We chugged out in Titanic 2 and dropped anchor alongside the other boats but it was a bit of a windy day and we were rolling about all over the place, so we headed back and joined the crowds in the park. 

The big attraction were the Blue Angels, which were the US Navy equivalent of our Red Arrows. The previous day they'd had to cancel because of fog and we wondered if the cloud cover might not be too much again today. Then someone shouted, "here they come!"

It's not easy to get a  close-up of fast-moving planes with a cheap smartphone but I got a bit of them. The longer shots were slightly more successful.

I was a little disappointed that there were only four Blue Angels. The last time I saw the Red Arrows there were at least six. But they made up for their lack of numbers by putting on a heart-thumping show that lasted nearly an hour. Perhaps it's still going on.

Some things in life are still free. 

Though they weren't impressed of course.

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