Saturday, March 4, 2023

A Little Comfort in a Crazy World

 The Marie Selby Gardens in Sarasota are always a good bet for a relaxing, inspiring visit. Well we needed to relax after battling the horrendous traffic on US41, the Tamiami Trail, at its worst in the current tourist season. The Gardens' big exhibition at the moment is gloriously imaginative - linking Louis Comfort Tiffany's  stained glass designs with the Marie Selby flowers and plants. It's good to choose a time to go when the afternoon sun plays its coloured patterns on the ground.

This pavilion, in the shape of a Tiffany lamp, is a prime photo opportunity. The  peaceful serenity is deceptive - you have to wait till all the people taking selfies get out of the way.

There are glass installations round every corner.

Cleverly set among the succulents and Florida flowers.

Here's an impressive fig tree - the flowers in between the roots planted for a Tiffany effect - though you might not want those roots too close to your house.

Tiffany got a lot of his ideas from nature.

And it's all a magnificent backdrop for the  Gardens' famous orchid display.

Though nothing can match the wonder of a real, live bloom,

Shocking pink glass

Teams nicely with a shocking pink orchid.

Not to mention the pink trumpet tree. (You will gather that it's nice and warm here in Florida... apologies to you people from chillier climes.)

Tiffany's middle name is appropriate.  Beauty is indeed a Comfort in our crazy world.

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