Monday, October 9, 2023

A Beautiful Autumn Return

Dateline: Cattaraugus County, western New York state 

After six weeks in England and France - on which more later, we came back to a wonderful autumn.

A few days of bright blue skies, warmth and gorgeous colours. Leaves falling like golden snow and a Byzantine mosaic covering the ground.

After a long dry spell, the leaves were particularly vivid - though I need a better camera to do them justice!

It's always lovely to see the morning mist lying over the valleys...

...wherever you look.

The sumacs by the side of the lane always put on a brave show.

Meanwhile, in the jungle garden,  some flowers cling on.

That lovely, slightly neglected autumnal look - well we have been away!

I've given up trying to keep the deer away. I put some half-hearted netting around the rhododedrons but the rest will have to fend for itself. I just chased two impertinent deer away this evening. One stood brazenly staring at me, not at all frightened. They know we'll soon be going south and then the place will be theirs.

But these were the last warm days.

Suddenly, at the weekend, it turned cold, biting cold. Well not exactly winter cold but for us, now too  used to Florida, quite cold enough. Time to pack. Ready for another road trip for me, another flight for hubby. But wherever I am, I'm always sorry to leave.

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