Saturday, March 29, 2014

Get Back in There!

Don't you know winter isn't over?

But there's something in the air. This morning we heard the honking of returning Canada geese overhead. The big pond at the top of the hill now has just enough of a break in the ice for them to take off and land. The first bear family of the year was spotted (not by me) scrounging for food in south Olean. And Chippy and Chipolata were out and about after a long semi-hibernation, sniffing disdainfully at my proffered peanuts. "Had to live on 'em all winter - if I never see another peanut again it'll be too soon." They seemed a little sleepy yesterday but today were scampering about and looked in remarkably good fettle. Of course, unlike in the autumn,  they're not storing up food but eating it and one peanut is probably a big breakfast for a small chipmunk,  especially on top of a lot of bird seed.

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