Monday, January 12, 2015

More Neighbours

 Of the non-feathered kind. These little chaps have rich pickings here, especially among the expensively-landscaped gardens.  They seem quite fearless .....

 Though they'd be well-advised to keep away from him...

This was actually a rather puny alligator, catching some sun at the pond on the way down to the Paw Park dog beach  (I always smile at this juxtaposition). And he was behind the fence, though I suspect could quite easily have wriggled under it, if he could be bothered, which I don't think he could.
  I still regret not getting a photo of the armadillo I saw at dawn a couple of years ago, scuttling across the road, his little toenails tap-tapping on the tarmac before he deftly disappeared into a drain. Since then, I've tried in vain to see another one.

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