Thursday, February 5, 2015

Little Town in the Snow

I mean, City. I keep forgetting that Olean New York is in fact a city, even though it's about the size of Woking.

Currently most of the streets, with their sweet wooden houses look like this.

The bushes capped with white are a picturesque touch.

And this is the YMCA car park. Looks almost like Buffalo's Snowmageddon a few weeks ago,

So the massive storm that the wimps in New York city were so terrified of and which never materialised, came to us instead.  I have rediscovered the pleasures of snow-shovelling. In fact I was rediscovering the pleasures of snow-shovelling a couple of days ago and nearly killing myself in the process. I'd just finished when the helpful neighbour with the snowplough in front of his pickup truck showed up with a smile and a wave.

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  1. "Snow will be fun," they said.