Friday, June 12, 2015

Flashback: Illinois Wildflower Walk

In April, hubby and I were in Carbondale, Illinois. Our friends took us on a nature walk. The spring in Carbondale, which is almost in the South,  was a good month earlier than western New York's.

 It was an interesting, rocky forest.

 This chap is called "Jack in the Pulpit". See him?

Dogwood blossoms peeped through the trees.

A May apple appears earlier down south.

 This is trillium, one of the best-loved woodland flowers. We once had one at the back of our garden. Only one. Christmas decorations?

And could this be a spiderwort?

Some interesting rock formations

More trillium

Moss tapestry

This rock looks so interesting you could almost eat it. It reminds me of a giant mushroom.

Rustic bridges - the "trail" wasn't wilderness of course but carefully maintained.

And ending in a waterfall

The same in profile.

Who'd think this was in the same state as Chicago?

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