Saturday, December 30, 2017

And A Happy 2018

 Well guess what - this was Golden Beach on Christmas Day! 

Complete with a sand-and-shell Christmas tree. (Not one I made earlier - we discovered it.)

Meanwhile we hear that, up north, they're buried in record levels of snow. Somehow I think it was a good decision to spend Christmas in Florida.
Though it does take a little getting used to. This Christmas tree, for example, in the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens (on which more shortly) was made entirely of...

...epiphytes - plants that live on other plants.

Rather more bizarre were some of the Christmas displays at people's houses. The trend this year seems to be for projectors - no need to climb trees or get tangled up in cable - you just stick a stick in the ground and it projects lights - swirling or still, probably depending on how many dollars you want to spend. A cop-out, if you ask me. But this house had something different. In amongst the lights was this slightly spooky Santa waving at passers by.

On a more cheerful note, back at the Botanical Gardens and my first sight of what are known as Florida reindeer. Note the antlers. Now what would you put out for them on Christmas Eve? Not carrots, surely. For one thing they would clash terribly, darling.

Happy New Year and see you in 2018!

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