Sunday, February 25, 2018

Cars in the Sun

First a car show of a different kind. This is the view when the drawbridge off the island goes up. Not quite Tower Bridge but we do have three of them. It's a common occurrence - usually to let some tiny sailing boat through on the intracoastal waterway - but the cause of much aggravation. It means you can never be quite sure how long it will take to get to an appointment. The other day we were stuck even after the bridge went down again as there had been some sort of accident on the other side. The woman in the queue in front of us started getting claustrophobic, exited her car and yelled at us all to reverse or  "We'll never get out!" So we did and it took a very long time, especially as the person behind us was a timid reverser. I sympathise with that.  And all that is even without the everyday traffic accidents during "Snowbird Season", an alarming combination of out-of-towners who get lost and people who shouldn't be driving in the first place. Every day holds a horror story of the driver who screeched across four lanes at the last minute right in front of us.

But back to a much more pleasurable car experience, the ubiquitous car show. Florida in dry season of course being the ideal place to show off your wheels. This was at the local classic car dealer's. I have mixed feelings about pickup trucks but would have taken this little Corvair home.

And of course, being Florida, here was a dressed-up golf cart.

 People wistfully wandering around inspecting engines.

 And wow! A Lotus Elan! And one of the real classics too. (With no insult intended to my little Elan S2 back in Blighty. That's Norfolk mustard too. )

This "Galloping Ghost" had some history, apparently.

And this one some nostalgia

Love the colour but wouldn't have dared try to park it.

There was lots of this sort of jokey stuff

Including bird nesting boxes (aka bird houses in American) made out of old number plates

 And this, for which no comment is necessary

They like their furry dice here too

Note the election bumper sticker..

 "I'm all shook up", he says. And he's yours for 699 dollars. Or Nearest Offer. (Or is that the price of the car?)

A 1935 Auburn Boattail Speedster. Yours for a snip.

And of course a cute Thunderbird

And a Batmobile

Note the poodle trim

Did she just give him the push?

 Fill it up for you Madam?  Except the Americans say "Fill it".

C'mon, let's get out on the open road!

Aw shucks, we'll have to wait for the bridge.

Alas the blog's Florida sojourn is nearly over. Departure for the frozen north is imminent.  Watch this space!

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