Monday, August 6, 2018

The Deer Old Lane

I set out for my first summer morning hike up the lane, wondering if anything had changed. As always at the back of my mind I was hoping to spot white tail deer. Such a nuisance in the garden (this summer's casualties include the buds of a whole bed of garden phlox) but so pretty when you catch them unawares - or vice versa - in the early morning mist. But the first  morning there was nothing. A rabbit dashing across the road - a white tail but not the one I was looking for. A neighbouring cat sunning himself in a drive. He used to come and greet me but not this time.  A distant honking of geese on the pond - surely not time for them to fly south yet?
Here was my friend of old, looking a little awry..

But none of the real thing, save a tantalising deer cough echoing from somewhere deep in the forest. The next day was better. See - there on the verge to the left, just beyond the mailbox?

 Of course I never have my camera when I see them, only the phone. And if I ever do get to see a bear, you can be sure I won't have anything at all.  This deer was soon off, cantering across the road.

 The next day I saw more of them - a swish of white tails in the undergrowth, those wonderful slow motion bounds, almost floating in mid-air.  I saw a turkey family too, the first for a long time. And the candy floss mist was covering the valley.

Since I've been away the Five Mile Baptist church has turned from white to grey - someone's good idea no doubt.  And our garden jungle is twice as overgrown as it ever was. But otherwise nothing much has changed.

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