Monday, January 7, 2019

Goodbye Christmas Hello Chaos

Dateline: Golden Beach, Florida

The scene outside our front door the other morning. A crescent moon, a morning star.  Nice.

And a last look at Epiphany Cathedral's decorations. Happy Feastday for yesterday! I presume these were gold, frankincense and myrrh from the Three Kings.

And here they are in front of the stable.

And now the fun starts. The street on which the Cathedral lies is the latest to succumb to the town's beautification (sic) project. Elsewhere, so far, this has meant months of chaos and disruption, dust and dirt plus serious loss of business for the shops and restaurants and the toppling of several beautiful palm trees. They assure us it's all in a good cause.  When it's all finished it better look a lot more beautiful or there'll be hell to pay. With Tampa Avenue now being dug up, it's going to make it an adventure to plan a route to the Cathedral.  Church car parks are notorious enough as it as, particularly when everyone's in a hurry to leave. Now if half the town starts using the Cathedral precincts as a rat run, it'll be anarchy.
One thing I can guarantee. It'll finally all be finished on the day we leave to go back Up North.

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