Wednesday, January 2, 2019

On Cops and Donuts

I loved this story about police mourning a doughnut truck on the BBC. But it should have had some context. Is this one for Culture Clash Watch? Do my British friends get the joke? Every American knows about the fabled affection of US law enforcement for doughnuts (or, more properly, donuts.) There's some truth in it. Pass any doughnut place in America and it's fairly likely you'll see a couple of police cars parked outside, their contents taking a little break to chew the fat (and the sugar). And there's the famous anecdote about the trial witness who, when asked what he did after seeing the crime, said, "I ran straight to Dunkin' Donuts."
"Why did you do that?"
(Puzzled at the question) "Because that's where the cops all hang out."
Nice to see the much maligned American cops sending themselves up.

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