Tuesday, June 4, 2019

WNY Interlude: Wet, Foggy, Sometimes Sunny

Dateline: Cattaraugus County, western New York

A little break from the road trip and some tastes of Western New York in late May. A foggy morning on the lane...

Turning to blue skies.

And dappled sunshine on the lane.

There was a deer crossing the road in the distance. Take my word it - I didn't have a fancy camera.

The May apples were out - there's a tiny round fruit under the umbrella.

I went up to our neighbour's pond where all was tranquil, though the baby frogs, aka Spring Peepers had been singing overnight, like thousands of sleighbells. They're late this year.

And a couple of noisy geese landed. They took off again soon after and low-flew right past me. I could hear their friends on the pond over the hill - all seemed to be shouting to make themselves heard.

Back home a cardinal was pecking in the grass. (Or what passes for grass).

Must be a young one - not very bright red yet. I missed getting a photo of the several rabbits. They must have followed us from Florida. As if we didn't have enough with the deer, slugs and woodchucks.

And here's my friend on the woodpile - the new generation of the Chipster/Chipolata family. Microchip?

Alas the rain still hasn't given up and everything is clay soil squelchy. And despite that, the  lawnmowers have started up already, shattering the peace. Back to the road trip for a while!

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