Thursday, May 27, 2021

Turkeys Trot

 Dateline: Cattaraugus County, western New York state

 For reasons known only to itself Google is not letting me upload any photos to the blog today. Maybe I've fallen foul of the thought police - yippee! I quite relish the prospect of notoriety. They looked to be only photos of wild flowers but you never know these days. But that's OK as the big story of the day doesn't have photos to go with it - sadly. Hubby has just returned from a saunter around our jungle and called out,  "You'll never guess what I just saw! A little turkey!" The chap apparently wasn't too pleased to see hubby on his patch and fanned out his tail as best he could to try and look menacing. As he was only the size of a smallish chicken, he didn't really succeed. So it seems the lads are back - perhaps distant descendants of the lot that colonised the sunlounger.  The downside is that there will now be more potential customers - or should I say consumers - for the blueberries, if and when they materialise.

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