Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Our Amazing Two-Tone Frangipani and Other Stories

 In a week when I discovered my inner hooligan, shocking hubby by stating that I'd have been there at Old Trafford demonstrating with those Man United fans - though I do draw the line at trespass and throwing bottles at the police - I thought something calming would be in order. 

  The garden has burst into early summer - though my neighbours are saying it's been the driest Florida spring in living memory. The staunch frangipani put out out its pink flowers with their extraordinary, almost synthetic scent...

...and its yellow flowers with ditto.

I thought it was one of nature's miracles and it took me a while to work out there are actually two bushes, if you can call them that, planted right next to each other and intertwining. These things are amazing. Last year I planted the broken off stub of one that had been lying on the ground for months and it actually sprouted. Unfortunately, this winter - as you do when you're gardening - I stepped back and accidentally broke it in half. So I planted the two halves and now they're both sprouting again.

Amazing, other-worldly plant. Here it is with the early morning sun just reaching it.

Meanwhile last year's Easter lily has flowered.

And a crafty bougainvillea that lay low for years has suddenly exploded. It must be loving the drought.

Plus something else weird and wonderful. I planted this, which is some sort of ornamental pineapple because I liked the orange coloured fronds.

I ignored it for a while and then saw it was actually bearing fruit.

Unfortunately I don't think you can eat it.  
It will be sad to leave all this when we go up north in a few days. 

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