Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Not Your Usual Florida

 We travelled coast to coast, not, sadly along Alligator Alley, which I've always wanted to do but a little further north, along country roads, getting stuck behind the occasional swamp buggy..

On its way to take tourists alligator-spotting...(I did this once and it was great fun, except there was a drought and the swamp had dried up.)
We passed through a little town called Okeechobee, near the large inland lake of the same name. This part of it, had, I suspect, seen better days.

 Though there was a green with a gazebo

 And shops offering a variety of services

 I think this building may have once been a bank

Now the windows frame nostalgic murals

 ...of forgotten lives .. see them weighing the baby?

and opposite, a scraggy live oak ethereally draped with the south's signature Spanish moss.

 More to follow ... watch this space.

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