Thursday, January 30, 2014

What To Do On A Rainy Day

 In Florida. Yes I'm back for a couple more days of wind chill and spitting rain and a very slight feeling of superiority that it isn't actually snowing here, as it is further north, in places like Georgia and Alabama, which haven't seen the white stuff for years.
  Still, a rainy day in Florida is better than a rainy day in Peckham. For example, you can go to a place called Punta Gorda, where there are some nice old houses with balconies and verandahs and a souped-up Fisherman's Village full of cutesy shops.

More to the point, it's under cover.

 There are glittering lights, just like in Palm Beach.

And a cafe with pictures of 1950s American cars

 Interesting art work

And you can queue up for a sunset cruise. It might be a good day to go, if you've brought your down coat and woolly hat. They're aren't many takers. You might have the sunset all to yourself if you could see it.

You can have your picture taken next to a big shark and pretend you're Ernest Hemingway.

Unless mermaids and pirates are more your scene.

This duo complained that they'd been playing for twenty minutes and no one had yet given them a tip. This was understandable as the tables were out in the rain and all of them were empty.

Some eclectic Florida imagery.

And a place to sit and eat conch fritters and calamari and drink rum cocktails and watch genuine doughty fishermen in sou'westers beat a path out into the bay and a loan, brave sailing boat.

After which more window shopping, whether for a mermaid feature

T-shirts for dogs
 Or those funny metal signs

   Americans will always find a way to enjoy themselves.

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