Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bon Jovi Free-Zone

Now here's a bizarre Buffalo story. The rocker Jon Bon Jovi...

---- has been declared off limits. Persona Non Grata. Public Enemy Number One. In short, if he knows what's good for him, he'd better not come anywhere near Buffalo.
  An odd thing, you might say. He seems a relatively inoffensive chap as rockers go, unless you don't like Democrats. But he has been linked with a consortium that wants to move the city's beloved Buffalo Bills  following the recent death of their owner, to, of all places, Toronto. (We are talking about an American football team here.)  Believe me, this will be much worse than Wimbledon moving to Milton Keynes. The Bills are the life and soul of Buffalo. Now fans want a boycott of all things JBJ.
  I can't resist adding that I have a very tenuous personal connection to Bon Jovi and one I'm sure he is entirely unaware of. Many years ago, when I lived in London, the house where I had a flat was used for a photo shoot for a film starring the great man humself. I forget its title and it has probably sunk without trace. But the film company asked if they could film my door - just my door - opening and shutting. I watched the film to try and get a glimpse of my now world famous door but I fear it may have landed on the cutting room floor. Anyway, I have had a soft spot for Jon Bon Jovi ever since but I hope he leaves the Bills alone.

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