Monday, June 30, 2014

Back Again And No Flying Turkeys!

 Well hello again everyone and here I am back in Western New York. And I am very pleased to report that I have not awarded a single Flying Turkey Travel Award for this particular trip. Not even to Air Canada (yes we're back to our old nemesis for the summer as they have proved cheaper than United and you can drive to Toronto and not have to change planes).  I have to say, though, that  I was sorely tempted to award a Special Mention to Heathrow's new Terminal Two but I'll forgive them as they struggle with their growing pains.

Thing is, Heathrow Terminal Two is in fact glorious - if anyone should be sad enough to dream about their fantasy airport terminal, this would be it. The shops were out of this world and there was hardly anyone else there, it having just opened. But the unfortunate thing was, I didn't have time to go to a single shop. We queued for 40 minutes for check-in, the fabled automatic machines having gone on some sort of sympathy strike and no sooner had we got into the departure lounge and within eyeshot of the tantalising emporia than we had to start the long hike to the gate. T2 appears to have taken a leaf out of Toronto Pearson's book and you have to walk up hill and down dale and past endless walls of glass and futuristic sculptures (though at least T2's aren't black) before you so much as get a sniff of a plane. But it has potential. Next time I'll be there early and with a second mortgage. 

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