Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lancaster (Ohio, that is)

Still in Ohio, we visited Lancaster, a town of lovely-old houses and museums. Including this one, the home of General William Tecumseh Sherman, of Civil War fame. 

There's his picture on the wall. He was the one who marched "from Atlanta to the sea" devastating the defeated South and inspiring the song "Marching Through Georgia" (the tune of which Man United fans know as "Hello Hello We Are the Busby Boys" but I digress)

The guide at the house,had a Southern mother. She probably had a dim view of her daughter's job.
Here are some typical "main street" buildings".

It's that man again!

Lancaster has a glassworks. Here, a demonstration of glass-blowing

(Sorry about the reflection - we had to sit behind a pane of glass.)

More pretty houses

And blossoms

And an Italianate church
This one's mine.

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