Monday, March 9, 2015

Thundering Paws

  Here's a novel way to spend an afternoon in Montana. A spot of dog-sledding. We arrived to find the pooches already unloaded from their trailer and looking keen.

These are Alaskan huskies, the Bugattis of the dogsledding world, according to our guide. In other words, they go fast. But it was snowing and we had to wait for a let-up.

Having a little nap before we started, this was Patton...

And this, I believe, was his brother, Stonewall, both named after generals.

 Hooking them all up was a challenge. And with the sun finally out, the yapping rose to a piercing, deafening crescendo.

 Until they were off!

And running in complete silence, with just the whoosh of the sled. It was cosy, all velcro-ed up and watching the world race by. The best bit was going downhill. They took the corners pretty fast. I had a quick go at driving too. Never let go, they say. You need strong arms.

The pair bringing up the rear of our team were called Ace and Joker.

 Here's another team crossing in front.

And a view of more of our lads, breaking a trail through fresh snow and breathtaking scenery. Incidentally, no one says "Mush" - it's "Hike" and "Whoah!"

We stopped for a hot chocolate with Lone Mountain in the distance.

One of the lads having a quick rest.

And finally, back at where we started, a little roll in the snow....

And with a push and a shove..

..Back into the trailer and home for a high protein, high fat supper. (That's the dogs too.)

 Unforgettable!  Thanks lads!

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