Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter Blossoms...

.... in Columbus, Ohio

 Which is a little further along than western New York in the spring blooming stakes. This park and street are in quaint German Village, one of the oldest parts of town. A friend said he'd brought a German priest here to look around and he'd cried, as it reminded him so much of home.

 Everywhere was this stunning sorbet pink

This was a redbud tree. You see them dotted around about in the early spring woods, peeping through the brown and grey with a misty hint of colour.

There were plenty of these white blossoms too but could only manage a quick shot from the car.

Thunderstorms threaten for tomorrow, Easter Sunday but that won't stop us celebrating. I'm off to put the champagne on ice. Christus Surrexit!  Happy Easter everyone!

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