Thursday, June 8, 2017

We've Got Squatters

I looked out of the back window on Tuesday morning to see a large, honey-coloured shape sniffing around the rhododendrons.

It was a huge, portly white tail deer but before I could get the camera she had scarpered. You'd better take a closer look at the rhododendron flowers..

Because I suspect they won't be there for long.

She was blatantly casing the joint.  Meanwhile on the porch, someone was spotted jumping into the kindling box. 

 Again, too fast for the camera. There was a description though - the suspect was small and stripy. Meanwhile above the sitting room window...

 More freeloading tenants. The usual suspects, barn swallows, no doubt took advantage of our few weeks' absence. They manage to sneak in each year, so we have to tiptoe around the porch until they deign to fly the nest.
But one good thing - it seems the slugs haven't started on the salvias yet.

 Just give 'em time.

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