Thursday, August 22, 2019

More Mysteries of the Lane

The lane in the morning fog certainly looks mysterious enough.

A ghostly landscape from which almost anything could emerge. The other morning two deer were picking their across through the whiteness. Sadly a pickup truck came up behind me and scattered them before I could take a picture.  It's a mystery all right where all these pickup trucks are going in the early morning.

The cloud formations are haunting enough, even on the rare fogless days.

 There's the mystery of the abandoned open mailbox at the end of the drive of a seemingly abandoned house.

The wood of an old barn, overgrown by the forest.

 A derelict shelter under an ancient apple tree where children, long grown and gone, once waited for the school bus in the snow.

But this  was the summer's biggest mystery.  In the distance, I spied a pale patch in the long grass.

A path - for deer or humans?

Leading to the patch, which turned into a carpet.

And then, even more mysteriously, growing out of the rutted mud,

More flowers.

Flowers that looked as though they belonged in a garden.

Gallantly springing up in the middle of nowhere

Not weeds but flowers fit for a bouquet

What were they doing there?

How did they get there?

Is the answer mundane or magical? Do we really need to know? That's the lane.

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