Monday, August 26, 2019

One Red Leaf

The geese are on the move. Here are a few of them waddling across someone's foggy front garden.  And they've been flying overhead in their big V formations, ready to go south.

 Oh and here's a deer crossing the road. You need to look very carefully - or just take my word for it..

 And here's what looks very definitely like the first red leaf. OK it's only a sumac - they're a bit impetuous - but still.. And it feels as though we haven't had our summer yet. Hardly two dry days in a row and the garden's still boggy.

 They'll be bringing the snowploughs out next.

Meanwhile we're still struggling with the wasps' nest in the flower bed (see below). We've now tried one kind of spray twice, another kind four times - with hubby valiantly getting up before dawn when they're supposed to be asleep. Today we tried ammonia - a friend's suggestion. But all these efforts have only invigorated them. This afternoon they're buzzing around like whirling dervishes on speed. More and more of them too. I think it's going to have to be the flamethrower. Goodbye the only flowers they deer didn't eat.


  1. As an oldster I remember how my father took care of this problem. Pour some gasoline down the hole, find the exit hole first and cover. Light the fumes and whoosh, it's over for the wasps. And no damage to the lawn except for maybe a tiny burn around the hole. It's so old fashioned but it works.

  2. Oh dear, I just saw it's an outside nest. Yes, the flamethrower. Or I've heard of folks covering with a large trash bag and sealing it up. That seems a bit risky to me.