Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Florida in High Tourist Season

Well we are hanging in there and life could certainly be worse. There are a few things we can still do outside our homes, namely go for a walk, go for a bike ride, play golf, garden; if you're lucky you can take your boat out (but see below) and fly a small plane. And, bless them, the Cathedral priests are having drive-thru confessions on Saturday. I noticed they are stipulating "only one person in the car". Well yes. But people have to be reminded I suppose. America does have a drive thru culture. Fast food. Coffee. Pharmacy prescriptions. Banking. Dry cleaning. Confessions are a natural progression and we certainly need them. Maybe a drive-in Mass will be next.
  But we now live in a world of signs. Everyone has received a postcard from the President, "President Trump's Coronavirus Guidelines for America" with helpful advice. Meanwhile these signs are on the pavements.

And people are certainly spacing themselves out, even going for a walk, looking very suspiciously at anyone who gets too close. Of course with an older than average population here, people are naturally concerned. After years of entreating them to come, they are now begging their grandchildren NOT to visit.
  Today we heard on hubby's marine radio that two white whales are romping in the sea near the town beach. Boaters watch out. Pity we can't go down there and see them. All the beach access points are closed.

And beach car parks empty. If someone landed in all this not knowing what was going on, they would be flabbergasted. Empty in March, the height of the tourist season?

Yes, all the locals who complained about the traffic and the crowds are getting what they wished for and wishing they hadn't. So sad for the local businesses. Some restaurants are offering take away but they must be in despair.
  Oh and some beaches appear to be more closed than others.

Just to make sure some desperate beach bum doesn't ram through the barriers.
The state nature parks are closed too, including the entire road down to beautiful Caspersen Beach.

Oh and another thing you can still do is go to the supermarket. They have instituted special early hours for oldies but as, let's face it, most people who live here are oldies, it's apparently the busiest frenzy of all. Best to go just before it closes, someone advised. But then there might not be anything left on the shelves.

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