Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy T-Word

 I have to consider the sensitivities of the chaps in the photo at the top of the page, so I'll whisper that today is T**********g and a very quiet one at that. A lot of romantic just-the-two-of-us celebrations going on around us, a lot of those turkey breast  (sorry lads) roasts for two flying off the shelves. Like us, my friend had bought one but bemoaned the fact that her hubby, unlike mine, liked dark meat. I said that, in retrospect, we should have got a bird between us and split it in half. Still there is plenty of bonhomie around. On our socially distanced morning walk people waving and saying Happy T**********g. There must be something good and warm and fuzzy coming out of all this gloom. My friend is a yoga devotee and I couldn't resist sending her a snippet from the local news. The latest thing, apparently is "Yoga with Tigers" at the local Big Cat Habitat, which rescues lions and tigers from dodgy owners. One assumes the tigers will be socially distancing.

Happy T**********g everyone!

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