Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Lookback to the Fourth

 A complicated couple of weeks - during which the Blog was laid low by a non-Covid bug (watch out - they're gleefully waiting to surprise us) but slowly getting back to business now.

I didn't get a chance to tell you about my take on the Transatlantic alliance - our 4th of July trifle, which, though I say it myself was delicious and managed to combine the Queen's Jubilee Dessert with American Independence  Day. I did get the number of stripes right, if not the stars.

How's that for a  Special Relationship? Hubby and junior family members were very chuffed.

Meanwhile a new turkey family have been visiting, descendants, presumably of the gang at the top of the page. They steered clear of the sunlounger but were seen nosing around the front garden.

You can just about see one in the distance. Best photo I could get without scaring them off.  Apparently they like to eat ticks - the more of those blighters (one of which recently sunk its jaws into hubby's leg, necessitating a visit to Urgent Care) they gobble the better.

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