Monday, September 29, 2014

UPDATE And Hello Summer!

ps the petunias that looked like something the cat brought in all summer must have sneaked out for a makeover.

They are insisting on being included.


I'm back in western New York where a surprising Indian summer is bathing us in misty light. The garden flowers seem to have had a boost - something definitely happened to them while we were away - maybe some sun at last, maybe the temperatures dropping but they've pulled themselves together.

And are looking better than they did in the summer.

This glad is just starting to bloom with absolutely no help from me. I didn't dig it up over the winter as you're supposed to do but here it is, come up all on its own, the hydrangeas looking sweet in the background. (These latter weren't eaten by deer or some other miscreants, like the unfortunate ones in front. There's always a flip side.)

And wonder of wonders, there are even some tomatoes left!

Meanwhile out on the lanes the dry cornstalks rustle.

Making music in their own enchanted forest.

Fringed by asters and goldenrod.

 And the stream, aka creek looks like something out of a story.

Under a ridiculously powder-blue sky.

 But there are signs of autumn upon us - more than I want to see. To be continued....

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