Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy Anniversary, Hungarian Scouts!


  I drove past this sign on the Short Tract Road  the other day and thought it a wonderful slice of Americana.  Noticing the old crown of the Kings of Hungary with its famous wonky cross atop. I got home and looked up the website of the Hungarian Scouts in Exile. The park was named after Sandor Sik, a priest, teacher poet and scout leader who wrote the words of the scout hymn. The scout movement was suppressed under Communism but the scouting tradition was carried on in exile.     That will be a familiar story to many immigrant groups in America. By all accounts the Hungarians still have a thriving organisation and the park celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. Good luck to them!

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  1. Do I see a simplified, modified Flower of Life underneath?

    Hungary I find singularly impressive: from what I hear, it is not under global banking, and it has historically flourished with religious and other diversity, rather than tear itself apart with it as do those regions our news sources are forever pumping into our living rooms. And I have to wonder if these two characteristics coinciding in one place aren't more than just coincidence.