Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Northern Lights

Dateline Manchester
A city of many beautiful sights. Such as interesting pub signs..

And signs, if we needed them, that the Atlantic continues to shrink

A wild and wonderful statue of Chopin, who played in Manchester just before he died.

And in the shadow of City Hall

A delightful Christmas market

with stalls from Germany and Italy and France and Finland, with several kinds of Gluhwein, Irish coffee and the like. Not to mention more local delicacies.

And Bill and Ben..

 And over at the Theatre of Dreams, Mr de Gea limbers up

Mr Falcao does his stretches. Gently, please! Gently!

RVP looks much happier.

And the most beautiful sight of all.

Not that I have anything against you Scousers out there but it's only fair after last season, when we had the same result in reverse.
(American friends, just to explain, we are talking about soccer. )

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