Thursday, August 6, 2015

Back to Buffalo Marina Part Two

Every summer I renew my lamentations about this sorry place. Come on - is there an uglier structure in the world than this? Who on earth in their right mind could have designed such a monstrosity?

When Buffalo has so many beautiful old buildings - the city of Olmsted and Frank Lloyd Wright....And a pretty historic lighthouse....

....that has to stare across the water at something that looks like the gatehouse to hell.  Meanwhile there is still nowhere to get a decent cup of coffee, let alone a decent lunch. People come in their hordes at weekends, set out picnics, relax, watch the boats - and have to queue for an hour (I was told) to get an ice cream at the one basic cafe. The only other eatery ruins our Sunday afternoons on the boat belting out loud music. What an opportunity missed. They should come to London and see what we've done with our docks. There's been so much ballyhoo about the "regeneration" (sic) of the lakefront. I am not convinced.  Where are the shops and cafes? If the season's short, why not have pop-ups, stalls, barrows? I never thought a part of America would remind me not a little of the old Soviet Union, all dour concrete and Hobson's Choice. (Niagara Falls is another case in point.)  One of the few redeeming features is the flower display.

Though sometimes there are interesting things to see. Like Buffalo's gallant Fire Brigade at practice.

Something pretty slipped in unnoticed. These cottages could be in Florida.

And boats with wacky names. The one on the right is my favourite so far. Get it?

 The Spirit of Buffalo playing it safe with the sails.

And, with the main reefed, racing (and beating) the big catamaran.

There are compensations.

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