Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cleveland November Part Two

The Cleveland Botanical Gardens had a fantastical array 

of futuristic-looking wooden tree houses, 


 and walkways

 hidden in the autumnal woods

for children to enjoy. As well as a little hutch with books for them to take away and read in the trees, just like storybook children themselves. There were no children around on this November day and there was only one forlorn book left in the hutch

so I had time to study the array of signs

designed just to make sure everyone has a good time

 Swing safety - I don't remember taking a course in that and I'm still alive

and how did we ever survive without this?

Just in case you don't understand this sign

Here's another one

 I expect they're worried about being sued. Happens everywhere these days. But if, heaven forbid,  something untoward should happen,  there's a remedy at hand......

More to follow......

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