Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mailboxing Florida Style

A while ago I theorised about the American habit of standing a mailbox outside your house, especially with regard to our western New York neighbours. Here now is a Florida selection, though the distance to walk to your box is much shorter. 

Here's a nice way to incorporate a little horticulture. Easier in a warm climate.

Is this modern art, or just saving on digging a hole?

Well it was inevitable....

Just a minute, haven't we met before? What have you done with the baby?

This one looks a little northern late-summer-ish. Perhaps the owner is homesick.

Now that's more like it.

 Just when the postie thought it was safe..

More darned bills and junk mail!

All this serendipity is reason no. 546789 for not living in a gated community where mailboxes, front doors, toothbrushes etc all have to look the same.

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