Monday, January 11, 2016

Golden Beach Scenes

I never tire of walking past what I call this likely-looking swamp, just around the corner. I haven't seen any interesting fauna in it yet but who knows? It is so very Florida.

 Meanwhile, late afternoon on the beach and someone's out casing the joint.


 He doesn't mind getting his feet wet. Since the beach was   "renourished" (an unappetising word), there seem to be fewer shells and I would assume fewer delicacies. The shark's tooth prospectors with their long rakes have disappeared too.

 Uh-oh, someone forgot to tell them this isn't the dog beach. They'd better scarper before the local vigilantes rev up their zimmer frames.

Always there and always changing, the silver pre-sunset light on the water.

 There were some decent-sized waves too and I'm told, a few red flag warnings out. People were swimming on New Year's Day but it's got colder. More like real Florida January weather with some north winds thrown in.

 There are sea birds and land birds and we are the land birds.

So to speak. View's good, though.

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