Monday, February 15, 2016

Florida Flashback and Farewell For Now

As January ended, it was time to say goodbye for now to our beloved Golden Beach, (all appropriately swathed in muted grey - too much sunshine would make it too hard to leave).  To the lone shark's tooth hunter with his rake.

 To my other beachy friends in all their shapes and sizes

 You never know who might be around. The company's different every day.

 After all, when all's said and done

They own the place

 And here's a shot of St Petersburg on a quick, foggy visit. St Petersburg Florida, that is,a venerable city with some nice old cobble-streeted neighbourhoods and a couple of nifty art galleries but, so far as I could ascertain, no Winter Palace.

 North of Venice, north of Naples - another example of how you can see the world without ever leaving America.

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