Thursday, February 4, 2016

Florida Flashback: Garden Ornaments

Interesting what you can see in people's gardens, aka yards. Yes, definitely, please save our library - it would be a disaster for us islanders if it got shunted off to the mainland. It's somewhere - rare in America - that people can actually walk to. And if the building's mouldy - well, what's a little mould between friends. Libraries are supposed to smell musty - it's part of their charm. 

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the neighbourhood, someone's found a good vantage point, with just the right mix of sun and shade. Well it's only what you'd expect from a cat.

He hasn't spotted the ibises around the corner yet. More interesting than sparrows.

This could be a western New York barn.

 A more typical Florida ornament

But if you really want to impress the neighbours, how about this?

Or, for a more avant-garde look, you could try a judiciously placed rock.

I was impressed at first until I noticed the bolt ...

 Yes folks, it's a fake. Whatever next.

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