Thursday, May 26, 2016

Back to the Real New York

  After a trip away, I'm reacquainting myself with western New York. I couldn't help a hollow laugh when I read an article in a British paper about "bringing wild life into your garden."  For us, it's the opposite problem - how to keep the wild life out of the garden. For one thing, the rabbit population seems to have multiplied and looks suspiciously fat.
  Before we went away, hubby had left some planks leaning up against the porch wall. Eventually, when we can find someone who feels like doing it, they're intended for repairs to the house. But in the meantime and in our absence, someone has put them to good use.

We now have to creep around our own porch as if we were intruders, avoid using the side door or even sitting on the porch lest we get a loud tirade of scolding from the nearest tree.
The crabapple is looking good though.

 Fortunately someone kindly mowed the grass, though the flowerbeds are a jungle.

We are off again this weekend (Memorial Day holiday/Bank Holiday Monday) but back next week. The pleasures of weeding await..

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