Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sunrise Over Golden Beach

Everyone rushes to take photos of Florida Gulf Coast sunsets - I must have hundreds. So has everyone else. That's the poisoned chalice of digital cameras. But it's an extraordinary phenomenon of our bit of the coast, that, walking along the beach in the very early morning,

 You can go chasing after the sunrise

It's not too early for the crabs to scuttle back into their sandy holes

But the dunes still look a little eery

And the wooden walkway back to the road is deserted.

 Strange-looking trees gaze out over the misty Gulf

 And at the tiny airport, you can see the runway lights

But behind the hangars the sky's beginning to glow pink

 As the sun comes up for another beautiful day

 Who needs sunset, with its paparazzi and crowds celebrating Happy Hour, when you've got this all to yourself.

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