Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Reassuring Words

Here am, I jumping on the look-at-those-traumatised-students-with-their-therapy-dogs bandwagon but my mole at a fairly local high school sent me this. I won't embarrass the educational establishment by naming it. Now, as a bemused foreign observer, I ask myself, in the interests if impartiality, what about "Happy?" "Elated?" "Over the moon?"
   Incidentally, another correspondent sent me a story from Texas. There, Professor Terry McInturff at Texas Tech University, reportedly "a tough customer in the classroom", in the habit of telling his students "I don't care how you feel, I care how you think",  announced that, while he couldn't offer his students  “arts and crafts” or a “therapy dog,” his Energy Commerce Department "has arranged for free hugs from our therapy boa constrictor. Please go to room 139 to schedule a session should you feel the need."
   It's a good thing they're not at Ohio State University where they would really have something to worry about.

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