Monday, July 24, 2017

In the Pink

 You may remember a couple of years ago, pink flamingos appeared on the lane. Well they're back, although they seem to be in a slightly different form. These are not cheap plastic. They look more like the sort of hip interior decor you might pay far too much for in a classy gift shop. Irony, pure irony. Perhaps there was a job lot of them.

 I believe the flamingos represent a donation to some charity. But is it that you have to pay up before they remove them, or a symbol that you've already paid? I still don't know. We have never been honoured with their presence. They appear and then they're gone overnight.
We may not have pink flamingos but we do have an extraordinary pink hibiscus. The flowers actually are the size of plates (well, OK, side plates).

I'm surprised that hibiscus can be a perennial in this climate but apparently it is. This one is new this year. We'll see. Even if short-lived, it's a consolation for the story weather we've been having. A few days ago there were fully three tornadoes within an hour of us, unusual in hilly areas. I would prefer not to see one.

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