Wednesday, December 19, 2018

And Bridgebirds

This is what you definitely don't want to see, especially if you're in a hurry; the KMI bridge onto the island going up, probably to accommodate a sailing boat with a tall mast. The sailors aren't popular at rush hour. "They just chug up and down the intracoastal with their engines on; they don't even put their sails up. Don't they know folks are trying to get to work/home/golf/the beach?" is a fairly typical comment. 

Usually it comes down again fairly quickly but not before a substantial traffic jam's built up.

But interesting things can happen.  I was once on one of the other bridges when there was an accident and the whole queue of cars had to reverse off it again.  And the other day, a car stopped next to us that was almost identical to ours - a venerable Volvo estate. Hubby and the driver both simultaneously wound their windows down and simultaneously said,  "How long have you had yours?"
  And today, fortuitously, I was in just the right position to stop and look at a pair of nesting ospreys on a platform level with the bridge.

As usual I didn't have my proper camera. But I never get tired of seeing ospreys. And I'd never have got so close to them if the bridge hadn't gone up.

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