Thursday, April 9, 2020

Morale Booster: Spring Springs

Yes Florida does have a spring. Some of our trees do shed their leaves in winter and start getting leaves again around March. It's harder to spot than it is up north because we do have sunshine and flowers blooming through the winter - hibiscus, bougainvillea, Mexican petunias and such (though our sad sack bougainvilleas in the front are still on strike. I'm trying benign neglect.)
  For us the biggest sign of spring is when the frangipanis start sprouting. Through the winter, they look bare and ugly with thick stumpy twigs sticking out like deer antlers. But yesterday morning I saw this

Which by the afternoon had become this

They have a truly exotic scent - if it was air freshener you'd turn up your nose, but as it's nature, well, that's OK.  I used to wonder why our frangipani had different coloured flowers - until a visitor pointed out that there were actually two of them, next to each other. I'd never noticed.
  And speaking of scent, the Confederate jasmine

which had a head start on the frangipani, is going great guns

  Though that may not be quite the appropriate expression for Confederate jasmine.
  And then there's something very weird and wonderful. A few weeks ago, before house arrest days, I was in the local garden centre and saw they had a box full of things that looked like small coconuts, with instructions on how to plant them. They were elephant ears. I couldn't resist planting one. For a long time nothing happened. I'd given up on it and then a tiny, determined-looking shoot appeared. Since then it's been unstoppable. This is what it looked like two days ago.

And it's already a lot bigger, with another couple of leaves. I'm not sure what I've got myself into. As we approach Easter and pray fervently for a miracle, it's marvellous to think how nature shows us there's always hope.

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