Friday, May 15, 2020

King of the Flowering Trees

Due to current circumstances we've stayed a lot longer in Florida this year and it's had its compensations. Previously my neighbours would tell me about a wonderful tree at the end of the road that flowers in spectacular fashion in the summer. They would give me the sort of knowing look reserved to year-rounders and say, "Ah but you'll never see it bloom. Too bad."
  Well this year we have. Here it is, not quite at its best yet but getting there, the King of Florida trees, the Royal Poinciana.

This was one of the earliest blooms and spotting it got me all excited.

I feel quite smug. To reflect the words of the Queen Mum, I can now look my year-round neighbours  in the face. I may not get to experience all the feelings of summer superiority that come from empty roads and beaches and uncrowded restaurants. Well in normal times at least. (Also the little matter of hurricanes and steamy humidity.)  But I have seen the Royal Poinciana.

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