Tuesday, May 12, 2020

When there were Car Shows

Just a little nostalgia for a time just a couple of months ago when you could go out to something interesting and not worry about how many people you might meet.

The car show was at a local dealer's. I just love all that detail on those American cars.

What confidence they had then! And what happened to those pastel colours?

A new kind of confidence. Someone wasn't bashful about showing their politics.

When bad taste

Was good taste

And people had a sense of humour

Well they still do

Social distancing? What's that?

More exhilarating fins

I think he's left over from last year

A cool car for a sailor

Oh I get it

It's one of those amphibious ones - an amphicar.

Sometimes I wish I was four years old again.

And how's that for a sofa?

And to think we took events like that for granted.  Well maybe next year?

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