Saturday, July 4, 2020

Oh No! Here We Go Again!

Just as we were sighing with relief that Chirpy, Cheepy and Chuffy had vacated the premises unscathed, we're now going to have new squatters to worry about.

You'd think motion detector lights above constantly opening and closing garage doors would not be the best choice for a tranquil nursery. But clearly, having put a lot of time and effort into building, the robins want their moneysworth. We hung a perfectly good nesting box up in the tree but evidently no one's interested in that. Social housing - huh!
  In the meantime it's a quiet Fourth of July though I have entered into the spirit by constructing a patriotic trifle - red white and blue, which will do for both of our countries. Unfortunately I ran out of raspberries so it looks more like Tottenham Hotspur colours. That was not the intention.

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